All Hands on Tech podcast: Measuring the employee experience

Episode one of HRZone's All Hands on Tech podcast – Helping HR professionals navigate through the evolving HR technology space to create more meaningful, engaging and productive workplaces.
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Building a purposeful, dynamic employee experience that empowers people to do their best is now seen by many as the answer to numerous workforce issues. But before HR practitioners attempt to improve the employee lifecycle, valuable insights can be gleaned from comparing their organisation's employee experience to that of others. 

In this first episode of HRZone's 'All Hands on Tech' podcast, the importance of measuring the employee experience is explored by Dr Max Blumberg – Founder of analytics consultancy Blumberg Partnership and a Visiting Professor at Leeds Business School – and Deborah Frost – CEO of Personal Group. 

With all the hype around this emerging topic, Max and Deborah ditch the fluff and drill down into what the term actually means for businesses today and explore the results of Personal Group's first-of-its-kind employee benchmarking research so far.

Max and Deborah discuss:

  • How employee experience impacts employee engagement
  • Why analytics is critical to making a difference to the employee lifecycle
  • The emerging connection between high employee turnover and a bad employee experience
  • Why tackling any cultural issues in a business must come first

There's still time to take part in the benchmarking survey, which will give you insights into how your employee experience measures up.

Deborah Frost Dr Max Blumberg Becky Norman
Deborah Frost
Personal Group
Dr Max Blumberg
Blumberg Partnership
Becky Norman

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