Futuristic thinking for HR professionals

22nd Feb 2018
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The world of work is changing fast. Almost every company — whether big or small — is experiencing the effects of digital transformation and having to adapt their systems and processes to cope with new realities and new expectations. This is especially true for HR professionals, who are often the ones operating on the front lines of a business.

So how can you keep your current team happy and recruit the best new talent in this brave new world? Below, we take a look at upcoming trends in HR, and how you can use them to your advantage.

It's a numbers game

We're a world obsessed with proving ROI and "value-add", and HR will be no different. Judging by the investment in HR software, it looks at though analytics and data metrics will become increasingly called upon to track success by monitoring things like; engagement, productivity, turnover, salary increases, hiring timeframes - you name it.

While the nature of the job will always entail that HR personnel have a personal touch, I predict we'll see an increase in the how many number-crunchers and analysts are holding positions within HR teams.

Embracing the e-worker

Preparing for a workforce of millennials (aged 18-34) means that we can expect a whole new and different kind of worker, especially for small businesses. Since 2016, they've been the largest living generation on earth — and they're taking the world by storm.

Unlike their baby boomer parents, millennials value flexibility in their day-to-day work and want career progression prospects.

Instant messaging apps and online project management systems are giving this generation the flexibility they crave. It means it's possible for your employees to collaborate in digital workspaces as though they were sat right next to each other.

According to The Future Workplace Forecast (a survey conducted among more than 2,000 HR and Hiring Managers across the globe), another way for companies to provide development opportunities for hungry young workers is through career mobility platforms. These help employees try out new responsibilities and build their professional skills while they're still in their current role, which HR leaders believe helps to increase engagement, improve productivity and enhance teamwork among employees.

Unleashing the inner marketeer

This means three things; profiling, targeting and brand PR. You've probably heard these terms bandied about by your marketing department numerous times idea but here's what it means for you.

The fight for talent means you can't just work for a great company, and expect the CVs to come rolling in. The best candidates have their pick of the bunch so they're looking to buy into a brand. You've got to get the word out and, more importantly, get the word out to the right people. That means creating profiles for the ideal candidate, creating audiences on digital platform and putting some cash behind putting your brand in front of them.

Almost every company has their hand in social media recruiting in some shape or form, but we're only going to see HR teams getting more and more sophisticated with their hiring strategies.

Customer experience = employee experience

A good employee experience should mirror your very best customer experience, and those who work in the HR function can achieve this by applying a consumer and digital lens to their work. In other words, HR professionals should aim for an employee experience that is human-centered, leverages the latest consumer technologies, and offers personalized, interesting and memorable interactions.

Wellness is another important element of creating a positive employee experience for your team. Some companies such as Virgin Pulse are even using technologies like the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to help with the wellness and wellbeing of their employees by helping them track their health and fitness goals. Think carefully about what might benefit your staff or drive your recruitment ambitions, and don't be afraid to get creative with your HR solutions.