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What to do about bugs at work?

Fleas in workplace

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I have been getting a lot of flea bites at work and I have told supervisors and upper management about the issue, but I haven't gotten much more than they're "going to take care of it". I've been bitten over 100 times and I'm allergic to them so I even had to go to urgent care. My question is if I should wait it out or go to HR? Is this considered an unsafe working environment? I love my job but my skin looks terrible and ive been in constant pain for over a week. Thanks in advance!

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By clive boorman
03rd Jun 2019 11:32

you have a right to a secure working environment. Do you have a facilities, occupational health or Health and Safety rep at work? If so talk to them. Alternatively, if you are represented by a Union, they should be monitoring health and safety so you might get them involved. If all fails you could get the Health and Safety Executive involved but make sure you have explored all of the options internally first. Is this affecting anyone else? I would put in a joint complaint in writing if so. Hope that helps.

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