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Training fee repayment. No clear agreement

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Need some advice. I was working for the NHS and did a training course totalling £2500. I had signed a training agreement which did not outline any procedures for repayment nor did my employment contract. A seperate finance form was signed and had a small print saying I agreed to terms and conditions however these terms and conditions were never shown to me or discussed. Upon handing in my resignation I was given a repayment bill. 

I made it clear to my manager that no terms and conditions were shown or discussed with me and she said they could be accessed via our intranet. 

The problem is the way I accessed the finance form bypassed the terms and conditions page as they are not attached to the document. A flaw in the IT system. I pointed this out in my last meeting with management and HR.

What is your recommendation do I need to repay?

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By clive boorman
29th Jan 2018 07:59

It's fairly standard practice to ask for a repayment if you leave within a certain point. Ask yourself would you have declined going on the training course if you had seen the T & C's? Or, has having access to the course given you marketable knowledge and skills for future roles?
You may want to arrange a payment plan or negotiate a part-payment. Is a refusal to pay going to leave bad blood? I would say in your heart of hearts you know what the right thing to do is to leave with integrity, so do that?

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