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Time to log a complaint about someone at work

A colleague has a complaint raised against him at work, with the incident being over 5 months ago

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So what is reasonable time , surely if a complaint is to be made, If he has offended someone, surely this person should be making the complaint straight away rather than 5 months down the line - and it just so happened that this person was going through a disciplinary process himself and clearly now he wishes to make a complaint ? 


My question what is reasonable time...?

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By clive boorman
25th Feb 2019 09:38

I'm assuming you are in the UK and if so, a workplace complaint is usually known as a Grievance. Of course, any Grievance should be investigated and, hopefully, resolved either informally or formally within the workplace itself. However, in the instances where a Grievance is escalated to a Tribunal they should be made within 3 months minus 1 day e.g. the day of complaint. What your colleague should do is check the internal grievance policy to see if there are any references to timescales and, if so, what is the right timeframe. Regardless of whether someone else is going through disciplinary, doesn't affect their workplace rights, they have equal rights to raise a grievance, that does not diminish. Hope that's helped.

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