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Suspended. How to delay disciplinary interview?

Is it possible to delay disciplinary interview because of health problem?

My friend was suspended for an inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour, because he got drunk on Christmas corporative dinner and said unpleasant words to his manager.

Now he is invited for disciplinary interview, and nearly sure he will be dismissed. 

Because for him it is a question of UK working visa, he wants to delay this interview as long as possible, to find another job.

What is his rights in this case?

Can he 'get sick'? And if yes, that for how long?

Does he need a letter from GP?

Thank you in advance for your advice. 

And Merry Christmas! 


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02nd Jan 2018 10:11

right, so the situation is that there was misconduct and your 'friend' wants to try to delay the disciplinary process by pretending to be ill so they can get another job?
Without judging the situation, I would say it is possible to ask for a delay on grounds of illness but the company may decide to go ahead anyway without your friend. In the UK you can self-certify for 7 days, (including non-work days) and then you are usually asked to provide a fit note from the doctor.

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