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Settlement exit

anybody for experience of having been through grievance then exit settlement ?

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I have recently been given a written warning which I have appealed against. I feel the punishment does not fit the crime as they say. I raised my voice to a customer who was abusive, rude and swore at me - there has been no support from my employer on this, they have not followed procedures, no investigation, no notes to me before hearing, mo account for 10 years blemish free service and so it goes on.

gp has signed me off sick with work related stress and I can see no way back as I the working relationship has broken down and I have no trust or confidence in my employer. I am awaiting their response to my appeal but regardless I want out. Does anybody have any tips or experience of this situation ?

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By clive boorman
19th Jun 2018 14:02

sorry to hear about your situation. I am making an assumption here but are you talking about possibly getting a settlement agreement? i.e. being paid to leave on good terms? I worked for a company who regularly used this approach and, in fact, my relationship had broken down with my manager to such a degree that I was offered one. As far as I am aware, it is always the company that takes the initiative on something like that rather than the employee.
The level of seniority was a factor as well. In my company, it was only fairly senior people that were given this offer.
Do you know if your company has offered other people, in a similar role as you, this option? If so, you may suggest it to them as an option. From their point of view though, they might not feel as strongly about the situation as you do. Not to make light of your situation of course.
As to the issue about no investigation and not following a proper procedure then, hopefully, that should be picked up in the appeal.
If there is persistent improper behaviour on the employers part, you could look at constructive dismissal but I would only consider this if you have fully researched it first. Read the .GOV advice on that point first.
Hope it all goes well for you.

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