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Permanent to 18 month FTC, my role filled permanen

Promoted to a higher band but on 18 months to fill maternity cover. My role being filled permanently

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I've been with my current emoloyer on a permanent basis for about 2 years. I've recently secured a role that is at higher salary grade, but is only a fixed term contract for 18 months to cover maternity leave. However my old role has been advertised as Full-time on a permanent basis.

Firstly are they allowed to do this? When I applied for this role I was told that it's a secondmant for 18 months because they can't advertise this role as permanent due to maternity, and that my role would in theory be still available and will also be filled on a FTC basis but now that I have seen the advert this isn't the case. 

Secondly what happens at the end of 18 months? I've been told a new role should become available or worst case I have my old role.

Also the business I work in is cyclical and at the moment things are good, what happens if there is a downturn? Will my role as FTC more likely to be made redundant then if I was still permanent.

This has all been discussed verbally and I haven't signed the contract yet.

Any advice will be really appreciated


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By clive boorman
12th Mar 2018 10:16

Hi there, the way I would consider this, at least initially, is that they might have genuinely advertised it in the wrong way, it may just be a mistake. Talk to your HR and or line manager to sort out the issue. Find out the facts, first, then see if there is any room for concern.
Just make sure that what will happen to you, after the 18 months, is explicitly covered in your contract. Hope tat helps.

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