notice period, Offer letter conflict with Contract

The notice period stated in my contract is 3 months. the original offer letter states only 1-month

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Hi there,

I'm about to hand in my notice from my current job.

My problem is that the notice period stated in my contract is 3 months. However, the original offer letter states only 1-month.

When I was signing up with this company, the offer letter was sent to me in a single email with the contract to sign by the employer. The offer letter is also signed by him but not myself. I only returned a signed contract to him without really checking the differences then.

Please help me if my argument of using 1-month notice can stand.

Is the offer letter sent together with contract by the employer part of the contract so when they conflict, only the less favourable term to the employer can be used?

Thanks in advance.

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By clive boorman
24th Jul 2017 08:57

Hi there, unfortunately, if there was a mistake, it is possibly incumbent on you to notice it and raise it at the time. The fact that you have signed the contract and turned up to do the job, without challenging the discrepancy, effectively means you have accepted the contract. How long have you worked there?
Not sure you have much recourse. You can ask them for an early exit and hope they agree or you could just leave but not sure anyone wants to leave a company on bad terms particularly if you need them to produce a reference.
I think it's down to negotiating an early exit or, assuming you are moving into a new role, asking them for a later start date.
Interesting question.

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