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Moving under duress

I ambeing forced to move to another store because I have put in a grievance against a manager

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I have put in a grievance against a manager and two bullies, and now she has said that she does not want me to come back to her store. I am currently on sick with stress and had intended returning early. I have been asked to move stores until the dispute/grievance is settled but that could be for ages yet. I do not want to move but someone said they can sack me if I refuse to move temporarily. Is this correct? I feel as if I am being penalised and that the bullies should be suspended or moved.


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By clive boorman
17th Jan 2019 09:57

Hi there, you posted a while ago now so things may have moved on. Sorry that you are experiencing this. Firstly, you need to get hold of your company's grievance procedure, it should state timelines for dealing with things. Grievances should not go on indefinitely and you need to get a copy to explain when it should be resolved. I would say that you have been asked to move for your own protection but if you don't want to, thank them for the offer but politely complain. If you are able to work with the people you have a raised a grievance against in the meantime, that is within your rights.
Why don't they move them? Well, regardless of how you feel, until the investigation is complete and the grievance is proved, no action could be made against them, they have to be treated impartially.
Can they sack you if You refuse to move? How long have you worked there? If it's less than 2 years, you don't have much in the way of rights but unless you are being disruptive, are able to work in difficult conditions, you should be ok.

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