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HR Mentor Required

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Hi All,

I notice that the CIPD Mentoring scheme is currently at capacity. I was therefore wondering if anyone is aware of any alternative mentoring schemes for HR professionals, or of anyone interested in being a mentor?

Many thanks

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Sarah Dowzell
By sarah Dowzell
22nd Mar 2017 20:25


What a shame, I didn't realise the CIPD scheme was full! I'd recommend speaking to your local branch though. Not sure where you are? I'm in the Midlands and our local team are very good. I'm sure if they were made aware of someone requiring a Mentor they wouldn't mind a little shout out at a local event to see if anyone in the room is able to provide support or any if their colleagues can help - especially as we all have a CPD log that needs filling in!

I hope you manage to find something.

Sarah :-)

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