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Maternity Leave and Performance Rating

I was give bad rating due to maternity leave.

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I was on maternity leave from sep 8 to nov 30. I took 6 weeks of paid maternity leave and 5 week unpaid maternity leave. Joined work back on Dec 1st. I was on corporate pool , looking for a project and got allocated to project on Jan 9th. Just got to know, I was give meets all expectations which is 3rd bucket rather than first or second which would be exceeds all or exceeds most. The reason is, I was on maternity leave. Is this norm? Coz it was never like this before. This effects my bonus and pay hike. Manager says I am definitely not a meets all resource but due to HR policy, he had to give me this rating.

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By clive boorman
16th Mar 2017 08:46

I would ask for a written confirmation of why you were given the rating, (there may be issues with just hearing something rather than having facts). Were you actually told face to face it was due to maternity leave or is that your own assumption?
Assuming you are in the UK and assuming the rating was due to you taking maternity leave then you MAY have grounds for a claim of direct discrimination under the Equality Act 2010. I must state that this isn't a definitive view; it depends on how accurate your view of what's happened is. This is why you must ask for clarification of your rating in a written form. Hope that helps.

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