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Legal procedures in contacting a sick employee

Employee being harassed by employer whilst being signed off sick for a month

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I would like to know what the procedure would be for an employee who has been signed of work for a month with mental health related illness, due to work related conditions. With the employer requesting, the day after the sick note submission that the employee needs to attend an investigation for a disciplinary matter within a week.

Is this allowed? Does it infringe on any laws?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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By clive boorman
08th Mar 2018 12:50

Hi there, I'm not sure it would infringe on any laws but it would be seen as being the sign of a caring company that they defer any disciplinary hearing until after the period of sickness.
I would politely ask them to defer the hearing on the basis of the illness but please be aware that they could decide to hold the hearing without the person. Not good practice but it could happen.

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