Is this unfair dismissal?

Is this unfair dismissal?

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I feel that an appraisal has been unfair, and despite a request for a review or further clarification the appraiser did not acknowledge the email. 

I feel that it was bias and conducted in an unfair manner. I requested a review but they stand by the conclusion and asked the appraisal department to close it.

I received a letter serving me with a notice of resignation for 10 of November. I feel that it is unfair to me.

In your opinion could it be unfair dismissal?

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By clive boorman
05th Sep 2016 11:42

Hi Anon, it's hard to say in general. We would need to know much more information. Do you work in the UK? How long have you worked for the company? Is passing the appraisal key to you keeping your job? I'm assuming that your contract has been terminated rather than you resigning.
What does your paper contract say about passing the appraisal? is it stated that you might have your contract terminated? Does it say you have a right to appeal the decision?
Sorry there isn't one straight forward answer but this information needs to be considered.

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