Is Corporate Social Responsibility dead?

Is Corporate Social Responsibility dead?

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Be honest. Who hasn’t rolled their eyes upon hearing an announcement about yet another CSR initiative? And who hasn’t felt frustration that they’re expected to do ‘yet another thing’ on top of their ‘real job’? 

But at the same time those people would agree that corporate social responsibility matters – and is a critical part of creating the highly-prized sense of purpose associated with engaged workers.

Do you think corporate social responsibility is just a PR exercise, or do you feel companies have the opportunity to shift from formal corporate social responsibility programmes to an all-encompassing purpose that permeates the entire business model and culture?

Read more on this topic here and leave your thoughts below. 

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Shonette new
By Shonette
09th May 2016 10:19

I think that these initiatives are an important and necessary part of attracting and retaining employees - it's just important to make sure that any benefits or programmes are tailored to what employees actually want/need, and that they fit with the 'purpose' the business wants to convey. Comms is just as important as implementation, in my opinion!

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