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I raised a Grievance after being dismissed...

Handed in my notice then was dismissed on gross misconduct 48 hours later

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I handed in my 2 months notice in December on Wednesday 12th and then was dismissed for gross misconduct on Friday 14th as the manager found it awkward working with me. Although put in writing it was because of a confidentiality reason.  I wrote in an email that I wished to appeal this decision on Monday 17th December but still have not had a reply. The manager has replied to every other email I have sent but not this one.

What do I do now?

I have suffered a huge financial loss, due to not being able to start my new job until Jan, but the company I was dismissed from has only been up and running nearly 10 months. I read somewhere that you have to be working in a job for 2years or more. There is also no-one higher than the manager to write too. 

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By clive boorman
16th Jan 2019 14:45

Hi there, sorry that you are experiencing difficulties. Regardless of your situation, you should have your appeal investigated as a right. Only guessing but if there is no one more senior than your manager then their rationale may be that there is no one else to investigate the appeal as it should be done by someone that was not involved in the original disciplinary case. Is there really no one else you can make your appeal to? A peer to your manager for example?
You are right, you cannot claim unfair dismissal if you have less than 2 years service. Plus if the reason they gave of a confidentiality issue is something that actually happened and was investigated properly, I'm not sure you could prove the real reason is that the manager couldn't work with you. Even if you could, that may also be a reason for dismissal.
I'm sorry to say that I don't think you have much recourse unless you are prepared to pay a solicitor to send a letter asking them to respond to your appeal request. Hope you can get this sorted.

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