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HR's future: beyond structure

Trends impacting HR

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What are the trends and business changes which will impact the way HR people work in the future. In my view we have for too long been focused on structure in HR. The things which will really impact HR work are the trends in business and the social changes in society. What is your view on the most important trends and how do you see them impacting how you work?

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Shonette new
By Shonette
01st Dec 2015 09:03

Hi Jan,
We've had a good response to this from Barry Lee on our LinkedIn page:

The first question is how much do HR personnel know about business management? Are they entrepreneurs or just out to damage the rest of the workforce? Do they know about the Lean theory:?

I have a Certificate in HR, have studies many facets of business - including Lean AND gained a Certificate in Digital Marketing - but will these help improve the image of HR?

Lean allows you to look at customer needs and wants; Digital Marketing allows you to use networks and the Internet to bolster your brand whereas the Certificate in HR shows that people in HR are likely to do nothing to develop their workforce. [Developing Management - but not leaders - is a different topic.]

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By Jan Hills
05th Dec 2015 09:32

There is a recent article saying talent analytics is the next big thing for HR. in 2016. Really surely we have now realized analytics will only take us so far. What do you think is important?

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By hansonlinds
05th Dec 2015 12:08

Digital is having and will have a huge impact on how we work. For example, engagement surveys - currently an annual snapshot in time will become a daily check-in. Giving us heaps more relevant data regarding how employees are feeling and their engagement levels. Apps to remind us to build new habits - just a couple of ideas of how things are changing.

I also think organisations will need to get to grips with energy versus time - this will shape how we work and how effective we are. Doing more in less time isn't the answer. The idea that our brains are more active when we are sleeping or mind-wandering is counter intuitive but we need to get our heads around this as employers ... literally. How can we shape company cultures so that they allow employees to better manage their emotional, physical and mental energy so they bring their best self to work.

Just a few thoughts ....

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By MGLHR-Martin
09th Mar 2016 12:20

Hi Jan

There are 3 significant trends that I see impacting upon HR:
1) With increasing costs of employing people – as a result of e.g. auto-enrolment liabilities – I’d anticipate that there is going to be a focus on how productivity can be increased to compensate for the additional costs. HR need to demonstrate their ‘value add’ in this respect. The relationship between ‘the line’ and HR will need to be stronger and closer.
2) With yet more pension age reform – potentially pushing the state pension age out even further - Employers will need to not only wake up to how they best deploy and manage older work forces – but also how they motivate younger people when career paths appear to be blocked by older workers not retiring. HR will need to better understand the complexity this greater workforce diversity (in terms of ages) brings.

3) A report that the number of employees who are, or have at one point in their career, worked at least one day a month from home has grown by more than 300 percent in the past 20 years. I anticipate that this trend will speed up as broadband and related technology developments better facilitate remote working. There hasn’t yet been any material response as to how a virtual workforce impacts the way HR does its job.

Kind regards

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