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HR Tech Jargon: Lost in Translation for you?

HR Tech Jargon deciphered

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Hello to all

I'm pleased to offer a feature on HR Zone this week getting to grips with a favourite bug-bear which is the "geek speak" that makes it well-nigh impossible for HR leaders to work efficiently and effectively with their technology projects - take a read here if you're interested.

I'd like to invite suggestions for those areas in the HR technology world, or indeed IT more generally in so far as it may relate to your world of work, to see some murky areas deciphered for us all. Please do comment as to what it is that you'd like to see put in plain English.

These days my professional world involves a work with both HR and IT leaders and I'm fortunate to be able therefore to dispel some of the misconceptions and misunderstandings all ways around.

Let me know what you think of the change in communication we need to see!

Best wishes and thanks.



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Shonette new
By Shonette
29th Jul 2016 14:17

I second your point in the article - no more acronyms! I've lost count of the amount of meetings I've sat through with tech teams which have been loaded with their shorthands and nicknames for things; I think it's also up to us to be more confident in saying when we don't understand aspects of a project without worrying how it will reflect on us!

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Replying to Shonette:
Kate Wadia
By Kate Wadia
29th Jul 2016 17:18

That is exactly where I'm coming from, Shonette! When I started in HR tech I sat on my hands too many times in not understanding and since then I've seen the other side of the table in those IT/HR or project meetings. Recently I felt like applauding a Payroll lead for asking me at Project Board meeting to explain what "cloud-based" actually meant. That lady looked far from stupid! Confidence, particularly when you are a client of a supplier or service provider, is something everyone should feel they can afford.

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