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How big an issue is diversity in HR?

The gender pay gap discussion has brought diversity front and centre again, but what about HR?

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It is estimated that the gender balance in HR is romewhere in the region of 70/30, female/male at best.

Shouldn't HR be doing more to lead by example both in terms of gender representation and pay?

If so, what do you believe should be prioritised?

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Ian P Buckingham
By Ian Buckingham
09th Apr 2018 19:57

So in the last #HR_hour on twitter, I suggested one of the criticisms of HR is that people don't speak up. One of the reasons why, with more than 70% female/male gender split there is still a gender pay gap debate.

Lots of agreement yet a few who disagreed and spoke up.

But after a week, seems nobody has the courage to step up on this closed HR site......!

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