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Holiday Accrual - Part Month

What is my holiday entitlement for a part month?

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Hi all,

I joined my current employer on March 18th 2019. Our holiday year is April 1st to March 31st. Things haven't worked out and I am leaving tomorrow (21st May 2019) to start my new job on Wednesday.
I took a four day holiday in April which I had planned before I joined. 

HR are telling me that I owe them two days holiday and they will deduct it from my final salary. They've said that I get nothing for March because it was a part month. I got two days for April, but I also get nothing for May because it's also a part month.

I've read many websites (, ACAS, Citizen's Advice etc. etc.) and they all say the same thing: you begin accruing holiday on the day you start work.
By that reasoning, I should have gotten 1.1 days for March, 2 days for April and 1.1 for May. Unless I am completely misunderstood.

Please help me decipher this situation.

Thank you.

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By clive boorman
21st May 2019 10:26

You are right but they can include bank holidays in their calculation. You are entitled to 20 days paid leave including bank holidays. It would be difficult to give you a definitive answer on this as you need to defer to your terms of contract or company holiday entitlement policy which may differ from company to company as long as you are getting your 20 days equivalent. I would look at this and challenge if they have treated you differently.

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