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Extension Notice Period

Extension Notice Period

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Hi all,

I wanted to ask for advice on the extension of the notice period.

Last mont the Head of HR sent me an email with a file PDF signed that informed me that my notice period was increased from 1 to 3 months.

From here I have some doubts:

  1. Was necessary sign a sheet or a new contract or is valid only the email ?
  2. If I wanted to leave having not signed any new contract means that I have to give 1 month of notice period.

Thank you in advance

Kind regards,



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By CitrusHRSherry
10th Dec 2015 14:42

Hi Ken,

Generally contractual arrangements can't be changed to your detriment (ie reducing hours or pay, completely changing your job role etc) without consultation or notice, however, it could be argued that whilst increasing your notice period is a pain for you if you wanted to leave, it's not really detrimental to you or your working conditions so your Company could argue this is OK to change without your consent. If they can prove that they sent the communication to you there's no need for them to rely upon an agreement or signature from you to enforce it.

Not great news for you I'm sure, but at such time as you decide to move on, with a little negotiation hopefully you might be able to persuade them to let you go a little earlier.


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Replying to CitrusHRSherry:
By hidd26
10th Dec 2015 17:20

Hi Sherry,

thanks for your message and advises.
So to recap, the company wasn't required to make me sign anything but I can try to negotiate an exit before. Is it realistic to ask to reduced by 2 months my notice period?

Kind Regards,


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