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End of a Secondment

End of a Secondment

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Hi Everyone,

I am currently on a secondment which is due to end mid january. The original postholder is not returning. Can the departmnet I am working for keep me on working i.e change me to a permenant contract or do they have to advertise the role widely?

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By VPatel.2707
09th Dec 2015 15:12

Hello tb199,

OK - first and foremost, your employer will more than likely have a 'Secondment Policy' - I'm assuming you've already looked at this and your particular issue/scenario is not covered.

Secondments are classed as 'temporary assignments' - i.e. where you (as the secondee) is temporarily placed to work in a different office or department for a set period of time.

The key here is the term 'temporary assignments' - you are due to end the secondment in mid January and therefore will normally return to your original role - however it may be that your employer needs you to return to your previous role for operational requirements, or for other reasons. However, remember that you should return back to your role on terms and conditions not less favourable than you would have received had the secondment not taken place provided that the post still exists. A good secondment policy will normally cover most (or all) of the above terms.

I would say that your employer should open this role for internal recruitment and allow you to apply in the normal manner, and that you should be considered with other applicants.

You were seconded into the role for a number of reasons - I can only assume it was to provide you with a development opportunity on a temporary basis.

If you do apply for the role, make sure you emphasise this secondment and use real life examples to show exactly how you meet the job/person description.

Good luck!


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