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Duration of Grievance process

My employer has so far taken 4 months to respond to my equality complaint

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I raised an equality complaint against my employer 4 months ago and have yet to receive a response.  My employer does not provide updates on progress in except when I chase, and those updates are vague and state that they hope to complete their investigations soon but cannot commit to a date.  They also say that the investigator only works part time which is contributing to the delay.

This is a prominent public sector regulatory body employing 3000 people.  

Is this reasonable?


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By clive boorman
30th Jan 2018 08:29

generally, it is not acceptable to leave a grievance open for an unknown amount of time and you should always be informed of progress. A copy of the grievance procedure should be readily available to you and the first thing you should do is obtain this. The procedure should state how long each stage will take and how you will be kept informed. If you believe that your organisation has failed to act in accordance with their own policy then you should raise this, (politely), in writing.
Failure to comply with the policy is grounds for an appeal if you are not happy with the outcome. As the grievance appears to be about equality then you might want to chat to the Equality and Human Rights Commission for more specific advice.
One piece of advice from me is to always be polite and reasonable with your dealings with your employer on this matter. Hope that helps.

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