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Could HR be doing more to improve the onboarding process?

Onboarding & induction - what's the best approach?

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What do you think is important to include in an induction or first few weeks of an employee joining a company?

Do you have any good examples from particular companies or personal experiences - or do you think there's a particular area where businesses (and HR in particular) could be doing more for new starters?

I started a similar conversation over on TrainingZone but wondered what our members on HRZone would have to say on the matter :)

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By StevenLaird
12th Apr 2016 13:03

One of the biggest areas for improvement is in the systems and platforms that organizations use to onboard new hires. My colleagues Lori Block and Steve Coco wrote about all the things that can - and in the case of the person they talked with, did - go wrong enough to frustrate the new employee. The post is here:

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