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Can you see “old technology” making the 10 reasons to leave list?

Is old tech one of the 10 reasons staff leave?

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Take a look at this report in HR magazine about research carried out by Accenture. 77% expected to be a digital business within three years from the time they were surveyed. Yet less than half had a digital strategy. 45% recognised a lack of digital skills was a significant barrier.

Leaders know that digital technology is important. They anticipate it’s going to have (if it isn’t already having) a massive impact on the way they do business. It’s also a significant opportunity. Yet when it comes down to taking action, companies are stalling. HR must remind their organisation of the need to recruit the best.

Is old tech one of the 10 reasons staff leave? What do you think, and do you have any experiences of this problem?

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05th Apr 2016 09:23

I've seen this come up a few times - and I think it depends on the industry you work in, but people I know who work in the public sector in particular have told me that the technology they have to work with is fairly outdated and slow - but likewise I'd imagine the people working in those industries are in general less swayed by their tools. What has been your experience?

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07th Apr 2016 11:55

I think that this will be more and more important for Millennials who won't only be put off play a lack of technology but expect it as a minimum standard so would be put off if it's not there.
Also, there will be an expectation depending on the profile of the org. I previously worked in Financial Services and worked for a big Building Society that had amazing tech and then moved to one of a similar stature that was surprisingly low tech. It was a huge disappointment.

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07th Apr 2016 14:44

We should also remember that it's not only about the user experience it's about the ability of the company to remain competitive - tech can be transformational in terms of speed, agility, cost (automation saves time and money) and companies that don't transform through technology can find themselves struggling to compete, which is a warning sign for any employee, regardless of their own expectations regarding what technology they want to use.

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