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Can gamification really motivate staff participation and engagement?

Is 'gamification' a method used by your company?

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Can the integration of the principles of 'games' and 'game-playing' into learning really motivate staff participation, engagement, and loyalty?

There is a real buzz about 'gamification' and I wondered what people think about its effectiveness.

Please share your thoughts and experiences with the me and the wider community!

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By clive boorman
28th Jan 2016 11:54

Hi Mark, we use a kind of low level gamification in that we have a social learning tool where people can view video content and create their own content to share with others. Each interaction creates a number of points and the more in-depth the interaction the higher the number of points. For example' liking and sharing content gets the user a few points whereas creating your own video content gets the highest available amount of points. This creates a visible leader board; the more you do the more points you earn. I didn't personally think that people would be that bothered with it but they were and are which was a surprise to me.

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Mark McCormack
By Mark McCormack
30th Jan 2016 17:35

Hi Clive, thanks for this great example of how you use gamification. The more I think we read about the science behind how gamification actually works to secure people's attention, and keep it, the more I think we will see an increase in its uptake.

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