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Can employee recognition contribute to an employees’ health, safety and wellbeing?

Can recognition contribute to employee wellbeing?

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The most recent Health and Safety Executive (HSE) data reveals 27.3 million working days were lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury. 

The cost of this is a reported £14 billion every year. It’s been suggested that the UK’s feeling the economic and social consequences of a ‘wellness crisis’.

Do you agree, and can employee recognition effectively contribute to your employees’ health, safety and wellbeing to help with the growing problem?

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. 

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Shonette new
By Shonette
18th Feb 2016 10:04

Hi Andrew, I definitely think that feeling appreciated and getting rewarded for good work always contribute to mental wellbeing, and I think things such as 360 feedback or getting employees to nominate colleagues for recognition also helps with general team morale and confidence. It certainly doesn't do any harm to encourage a culture of recognition - but it would be interesting to see what others have to say on how much it can have an effect on a personal level!

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By clive boorman
22nd Feb 2016 10:37

Hi Andrew, although I think that recognition can definitely improve things, it would only be a sticking plaster. I think what really makes a difference is helping those people with influence to understand how to build Trust - I think that's the differentiator. One of the important parts of building trust is truly listening to people without interruption or offering a counter-view and I know that people find this really difficult.

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By MGLHR-Martin
24th Feb 2016 10:21

Hi Andrew, If recognition is evidenced by open two way communication whereby an employee is trusted and encouraged to make a contribution, it certainly helps! And if this is coupled with an engaged employer who takes their responsibilities for the wellbeing of their employees (and others) seriously - then absolutely!

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