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Annual leave rules

Can they do this?

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My role at work has changed considerably - my employer's decision, not mine.  I am now told that I cannot take the annual leave that I want as it clashes with someone else - something that would not have occured before.  Can they do this, as i am not now doing the job I came to do so.  Its not as though I volunteered for the new role.

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By rjherridge
18th Nov 2015 14:48

Check your terms and conditions and your contract for specific wording about taking leave -
it depends on when you booked it - if it was before your change of role, then I would put forward a case that you had booked in good faith and because of the new role, you are now met with this problem.
leave restrictions are usually put in place to avoid exhausting the business of staff and so that the business can still continue - I suggest that you take a look and perhaps ask, as an act of goodwill on this occasion, that they honour your request - IF the business isn't going to suffer.

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By Jamie King
07th Dec 2015 12:34

Having worked in countless businesses the way each views annual leave differs vastly, although it shouldn't.

If you already booked the leave before moving position then they should still honour your request. If it was after and you didn't mention it whilst changing roles it will be more difficult as at the end of the day, the business still needs someone available to do the job I'm afraid.

Alternatively if you have something pre-booked like a holiday maybe you could ask your co-worker if they are flexible at all?

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