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advice please

maternity on fixed term contract

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I have worked thru an agency for 21 months without a permanent contract. I am now pregnant, could the company finish me and say they no longer need me? Do I have any protection?

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By clive boorman
27th Jun 2016 08:17

Hi there, you have the same basic rights as an employee and they shouldn't be able to end your employment just because you are pregnant. So, to be clear, if they would be keeping you on if you weren't pregnant they shouldn't be able to do it. Or they can't finish you and bring in someone who isn't pregnant to do the same work. Your rights would fall under the Equality Act.
In terms of maternity pay, that depends on your contract status and is a more complex area. This depends on whether your contract makes you an 'employee' or 'worker' and there's too many points to consider here.
Talk to the agency about it and research your rights under the website about temp workers maternity rights.
Hope that helps.

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By usama1993
15th Mar 2018 14:47

Yes, they can fire you. Your Job is only secure if you have a permanent contract.

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