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Recruitment Trends To Watch Out in 2020

15th Oct 2019
Content Specialist Manila Recruitment
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The job market is a stock pot of different recruiters, job postings, and job hunters, stirred in today’s highly competitive landscape. 2019 sees to it that hiring managers and job seekers alike will find some significant developments in the recruitment and job prospecting system.

Wrap up your last quarter of recruiting in 2019. Here’s a rundown of the latest trends which will drive the recruitment process to a more refined direction this coming year.

Maximizing the use of social media

The internet is continuously shifting the hiring space and process for the past years. Who knew that Facebook and Twitter can help connect recruiters and job seekers? And it’s more than the so-called social recruiting, where it starts and stops on posting job ads on your company’s social channels. Today, companies use their social networks to look proactively for potential candidates. They post job ads on related Facebook groups or those that are particular to their industry; and use Twitter hashtags to narrow their search and make it easier for candidates to find them.

HR experts, explain that job seekers use the internet as their own self-marketing medium. It allows them to use social media as a microsite or portfolio for job seeking. Meanwhile, this gives companies or recruiters the opportunity to build a relationship with interested applicants to encourage them to apply.

It's going to be a candidate-driven market

Years ago, recruiters had the upper hand in picking their talents. Today, applicants hold far greater power during the job search, which shakes the hiring funnel. Tapping on potential candidates with relevant and in-demand skills can be difficult, time-consuming, and costly. Given this, hiring practices today treat job seekers like customers, instead of applicants needing employment.

More flexible work schedule

Companies and HR professionals are finally understanding the versatility of certain job roles, and how some job functions are becoming transitory. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2020, roughly 50% of the US workforce will be independent contractors.

There are upsides and downsides to nixing the traditional 9-to-5 work practice. But opening opportunities for project-based, temp, and freelance workers can be beneficial for companies. This allows them to cut costs and hire skilled talents on a project basis, rather than employ multiple professionals that may or may not meet their expectations. On the one hand, job hunters have the freedom to apply for postings that fit their current lifestyle or situation.

The push for employer branding

To attract ideal candidates, companies are now creatively shaping their brand reputation as an employer to appeal to their target candidates. Since job seekers can quickly look up and study any company’s background, values, and employer reputation before applying, this makes it easier for them to narrow down their search.

Companies with a negative reputation may not only find it extremely difficult to attract skilled candidates but also struggle to keep their employees. One aspect where they inject this is building and promoting a company culture that mirrors their company values and needs.

Virtual reality to help the hiring process

This isn’t exactly a new concept in the recruitment process. Virtual reality will tower above industries where the job function needs a more accurate simulation to assess their actual skills and capabilities. Instead of doing situational interview questions, simulations can help companies and recruiters see how a candidate performs under these scenarios, such as flight simulations for training pilots.

Additionally, VR allows employers to give candidates a virtual tour of their work facilities. This technology can be used to show job seekers how dynamic your workplace is and eliminates the need for costly travel expenses, especially if the candidate is being sourced from a remote location.

Wrapping up

Keeping an eye on the latest trends surrounding the field of human resource can help recruiters tap on their ideal candidates, and for job seekers to find the company they want to work for. Revamping your strategies according to the current flow can enhance and call for creative hiring techniques, and ultimately develop a more effective recruitment process.


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