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Hire great talent for digital transformation

20th Sep 2017
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It can be challenging to hire and retain top digital talents because there is a great shortage that has enhanced the competition for these workers. The process of digital transformation is extensive especially if you are in an industry that is governed by traditional practices. Consumers want to maximize what they get from the entrepreneurs who serve them. They prefer to spend their day on integrated systems and user-friendly apps that will make their lives easier. These are the experiences that digital transformation should deliver to your clients.

The question is how do you hire great talent for digital transformation? Most industries now understand how they can benefit from digital transformation and the process is now speeding up given that technology is now becoming more accessible. The organization should have the right talent management and hiring processes if it wants to attract and develop top performers in its digital strategies.

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Does Your Organization Have a Shortage of Digital Talents?

Any digital strategist who is brilliant will aspire to maintain his position on the cutting edge. They strive to learn new skills in the industry, explore the advancements in technology, keep on watching future trends, and enhance their understanding of the set of skills they possess. These are the kind of people that you need to bring on board if you want to realize digital transformation.

It is challenging to hire and retain top digital talents because the market has a shortage and everyone is scrambling for the few who are available. You need someone who can provide ongoing opportunities to dive deeper into their existing set of skills and expand into new areas. Strive to retain such people within your organization by providing them with career growth opportunities so that they cannot apply in other places for them to move to the next level.  

Does a Digital Marketing Skills Gap Exist in Your Organization?

You need to undertake an assessment for the skills that your marketing team has to help you determine the digital skills that your organization requires the most. You may discover that your team has a broad range of capabilities and competencies. However, you need someone who will add value to your digital marketing transformation. You will achieve unsatisfactory outcomes and ignore the unique makeup of the team if you choose to adapt the one-size-fits-all approach. It is wise to tailor your investment in training to those areas that require most of your support.

The next element is to buy comprehensive tools for the assessment of digital skills. This will give you a lot of insight to the areas your organization is failing in and those that it excels. You can get this information from historical trends of individuals and the team. The most important thing is to identify the high priority requirements of your organization and then look for flexible resources that best suit the talent you have. Employees have the training materials they prefer and may have a desire to try each process so that they can try it completely. Others may find one-on-one training that goes deep in to each topic to be meaningful. You could look at the best practices and industry standards if you are not sure of the best starting point for your digital training.  

Avoid Hurdles in Digital Transformation

More than 90 percent of companies face the digital skills gap and 77 percent accept that the missing skills have adverse effects to the attainment of the business goals. It is good to be aware of what you are looking for before you begin the recruitment process. This is more important when operating in an environment where digital strategists are on high demand.

A good digital strategist should be aware of his technical aptitude and current level of skills. The digital transformation expert should also be aware that new technology is just around the corner. Therefore, you need someone who is willing to appreciate change and move with the times. The objective is for the expert to learn the best latest practices and get the most out of the available digital marketing tools. Your company needs a digital transformation expert who continually upskills his capabilities in the industry. The kind of talent you bring on board will determine the level of digital transformation that your organization will achieve.


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