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How to spot a bad recruitment agency?

16th Jan 2018
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As you can imagine, not all recruitment agencies are actually delivering good results. While some of them are good, there are many situations when a recruitment agency will just deliver services without actually caring about the customer. And when you already start working with them, it may be too late. This is how you can spot a bad recruitment agency!

They don’t ask about career goals

The recruitment agency has to ask about career goals and it needs to make sure that each one of the people your company wants to hire will deliver the best possible experience and results. Ensuring that isn’t a simple thing, but it can definitely bring in front the solution and help that you may need. It’s a crucial aspect and one that brings in front some nice features.

They avoid talking specifics, instead, they care about the money

Unfortunately, more and more agencies are like this. They care about the sum they will get and not about the results they can deliver. The reason is simple, they want to get quick cash for consolidating debt. And that’s unfortunate because it affects the industry and obviously the company that they work with. It’s definitely hard to talk specifics and create a good plan, but not all companies actually go forth with things like this.


You can’t make any guarantees to a customer in this industry. Sure, you can guarantee that you will do your best. But you can’t realistically offer a lot of value and quality to the customer when you know that’s not going to happen. If you see that the recruitment agency offers a lot of guarantees, they are most likely fake.

Bad reviews

Online reviews are great if you want to spot a bad recruitment agency. Usually, customers will go online and leave a review when they work with a recruitment agency. The problem here, most of the time is that a bad recruitment agency will also try to cover up its reviews one way or the other. Knowing how to assess and handle the situation is very important, but looking at these reviews would help you spot the bad recruitment agencies a lot faster.

They encourage things like bending the truth

There’s a lot of competition on the market. So, there are people that want to bend the truth just to get better results. If the recruitment agency encourages companies or potential employees to bend the truth like that, then there may be a problem that people need to avoid.

It’s safe to say that a bad recruitment agency is quite easy to spot if you know how to do this. But you can expect some challenges along the way. The entire process is quite challenging and it brings in front some nifty features and benefits. In the end, results can be astonishing if you use these tips to avoid a bad recruitment agency. Sure, you may spend a bit of time learning everything and studying the specifics, but the outcome can be very well worth it.

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