Employee healthcare benefits for productive office

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Employee health care benefits are a win-win for both employer & employees

60% of employees consider benefits & perks as a major deciding factor while choosing a job. As per a recent Glassdoor Employee Confidence Survey, 80% employees prefer benefits over pay raise. And among all the benefits, healthcare benefits or health insurance tops the chart with élan. Sound health is the key to productivity. Healthier your employees are, better would be the performance and delivery. Put simply, employee healthcare benefits promise a win-win situation both for the employer and employees.

Let’s check out the major advantages of introducing healthcare benefits or weight loss programme in your office-

Increased productivity

Your employees are the heart and soul of your office. You might boast of the best business strategy in town but if your staff are not well, who will execute those ideas? Healthy employees are critical for functional, productive and dynamic office. When your employees are physically sound, they are most likely to be present in the office. It will reduce absenteeism and also leverage increased delivery from your staff.

Saves money for employer

When your employees are healthy, they are less prone to diseases. Fewer health issues mean fewer payouts which will keep the insurance fees low for everybody. This way, one can save money easily with lower premiums. A good bunch of smart employers has already started extending wellness programs & gym memberships for free to their staff. Some of them also organize no-smoking contests and reward those who regularly attend health improvement sessions.

Enhances employee satisfaction & engagement

This is certainly one of the major reasons to introduce employee healthcare benefits in your office.

Happy employees are fundamental to a pro-active office environment. Every employee prefers to work in an office that cares for him or her. An employer who actively makes a plan for staff health care benefits, invariably commands huge respect from employees. He makes them feel that they are working for somebody who genuinely cares about their well being. The monthly salary alone is not enough to prove that you care for your employees. Just as employees work to keep their employers happy, they expect the same effort from their bosses. Running a business or office demands mutual cooperation from both employee and employer. Both of you are dependent on each other. So, if you can prove that you care about their health & wellness, you will end up with a happy bunch of highly satisfied employees.

Employee satisfaction will further make way for high employee motivation and engagement. Satisfied employees will be invariably more driven to care and deliver for their offices.

Ability to retain cream employees

Every employer treasures his or her key employees. But your competitors are always waiting to steal your prima donna from you to leverage their businesses. More precisely, your cream employees have several job offers on their tables. In such cut-throat competitions, smart healthcare benefits from your end can save the day for you. A smart employee will hesitate to leave an employer who genuinely cares about his or her wellness.


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