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How to Find the Best Designer for Your Next Project

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Making a good first impression is a fundamental part of releasing a new project into the world. Businesses today put a lot of time and effort into constructing the perfect design that will embody their company philosophy and simultaneously attract customers at first glance.

While it is important to have a rough idea of how you want to visualize your brand, it’s essential that you don’t overlook the importance of choosing the right designer who can actually help you realize your vision.

Do your market research

Before you make anything official, it’s vital that you know who is going to be buying your product. By investing in market research and communication strategies, businesses can determine whether or not their ideal consumer is more traditional or more modern, which will play a big role in deciding what type of design you are going to go for. Here are a few things to consider that will help you refine your design so that it will resonate with your target demographic:

  • Research your competitors and find out what works and what does work in regards to their design choices based on consumer research
  • Consumer research should bear in mind everything from age, gender, location and even profession, so that you can choose style that is focused but not too niche

In addition to gaining important insights regarding customer profiles, this knowledge will help you find a designer who has experience working within your industry and knows how to cater to your specific consumer needs.

Make sure they're a good fit

You may think you’ve found the perfect designer for your project, but if they don't mesh with your team, it's never going to work.

In most cases, you’ll be better off hiring a designer who may be less experienced but feels passionate about your company.

That’s not saying you shouldn't take a completely inexperienced designer on your team, but rather someone who is willing to grow alongside your brand. Realizing the best design for your brand will take a steady amount of communication, as your designer will be running ideas, prototypes and mockups past you and your team on a regular basis, so it’s best if you are on the same page from the start.  

Familiarize yourself with what’s on trend

Before you hire a designer, you most likely already have a few ideas in mind of what you would like your brand to look like. While it’s good to have a concept in mind, it’s important that your remain open minded and to also familiarize yourself with what’s on trend at the moment. Some of the most popular brand designs today are:

  • Minimalist design has been on the rise in recent years, paying tribute to bold and simple aesthetics commonly associated with the Swiss Design popularized in the 1950s
  • Retro logos have made a comeback and various big brands have revamped their design by going back to their roots to conjure up authenticity and give consumers a sense of nostalgia
  • Handmade logos have been cropping up more and more lately, as they give a brand a competitive edge by catching customers attention with unique  and notable design

Designers aren’t just good at what they do, but they also have their finger on the pulse, helping you choose the right design to attract consumers that won’t go out of date after 6 months.

Broaden your network

Today it’s not uncommon for companies to hire outside of their internal networks, especially if they are working on multiple projects are the same time.As the freelancer economy grows, an increasing amount of businesses, big and small, are taking on freelance designers.

Not only a cost-effective hiring option, working with a freelance designer can help businesses broaden their networks, and breath new life into projects. If you are considering working with a contractor for the first time there are many freelance job platforms available that carefully screen their talent, ensuring clients have access to high-quality and reliable talent, no matter where you are in the world.

Overall, there’s a lot to be said for knowing yourself as a company as your aesthetic choices will be an integral part of your brand identity from day one. Choosing the right designer to work with doesn’t just mean picking someone with the biggest portfolio, but rather it means working with someone who has the necessary skills and is dedicated to helping your company grow.

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