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Return to work and managing change

13th Jul 2020
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The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting every organisation, large and small, and making all of us rethink how we work and live.  Forward-thinking organisations are using employee feedback to shape how they re-open their offices and workplaces, better support their colleagues and understand their future expectations, about things like flexible working.

That's why WorkBuzz is offering free access to all companies, not-for-profits, and government organisations, to our Coronavirus Pulse Survey:

  • Identify employees’ concerns about returning to their usual place of work

  • Measure how social distancing in the workplace and new ways of working are embedding

  • Understand their expectations about future home working

  • Track employee engagement, wellbeing and your culture

You can tailor all the questions to your challenges and needs.

It’s quick to set up and only five minutes for employees to complete, fully GDPR compliant, and there’s no cost / no catch - we're just trying to do our bit to help. 

To find out more, click here


What Questions Are Organisations Asking?

Below are questions other WorkBuzz clients have asked – we can tailor these to your needs:

Return to Work:

  • I would feel safe now returning to my usual place of work

  • I am being kept well informed about what to expect in terms of returning to work

  • What are the biggest barriers, if any, for you returning to your usual place of work – select from:

    • Childcare

    • Concerns about my commute

    • I or a family member is high risk / shielding

    • I have other caring responsibilities

    • Concerns about social distancing at work

    • Concerns about catching the virus at work

    • Other

Future Expectations:

  • If given a choice, after the pandemic, how many days a week would you choose to work from home? (0-5 drop down)

Leadership and Communication:

  • I am confident that our company will continue to take the right steps to see us through the Coronavirus pandemic

  • I trust our leadership team to make decisions that protect me and my colleagues

  • Any changes made to our working practices have been communicated clearly

My Manager:

  • I feel supported by my manager

  • I have enough contact with my manager

  • My manager cares about me as a person


  • How would you rate your wellbeing right now?

  • I feel safe at work

  • My company has taken appropriate steps to ensure I am safe at work

Home Working:

  • How has working from home affected your productivity?  (Improved / stayed the same / declined)

  • I have the equipment and technology I need to work effectively from home 

  • What changes, if any, would help you to be more productive working from home?


Single Temperature Check vs Continuous Feedback

WorkBuzz’s free Coronavirus Pulse survey provides a temperature check, at a given point in time.  Our paid-for-solutions also enable you to run more regular pulses to track your culture throughout crisis and bounce back faster.  Please visit for more information.

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By deshawnreed33
17th Jul 2020 02:50

Nice article I really appreciate the easy to follow sage advice that was presented. I think for my team childcare is the biggest concern in returning to work. I don't know how that will work with so many facilities still shutdown. Thanks for sharing.

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