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How useful is neuroscience in the workplace?

29th Jul 2016
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We recently ran a couple of surveys on our Twitter account to coincide with our Neuroscience Learning Month - we thought it would be interesting to gauge how neuroscience is thought of across our community at the moment; are you reading up on it for work, and if so, what aspects of your role does it help with?

Our first poll was on the subject of how useful neuroscience is to your roles at the moment, the results seem to show that although over a third of our respondants think that learning more about neuroscience would help them a lot in their job, the majority are a little more reserved, saying it would only make a small difference:

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More interestingly, our next question was to ask why our followers thought that the subject of neuroscience is gaining more popularity in HR.

We weren't surprised to see the need to further understand behaviour coming out on top; this is often the focus of neuroscience articles aimed at managers and HR professionals, but it would be good to know which areas of behaviour people are more keen to learn about; leadership skills, communication, confidence, empathy...

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Overall, we received of lot of interest for our focus on neuroscience, and we'd love to hear more about how you're using it, what you're reading about, or if you think it's just a fad. Let us know what you think!

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