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1st Apr 2016

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I see a lot of great articles, blog posts & videos during the week and rather than just retweeting them or posting them in our LinkedIn group, I thought I'd round up the most interesting ones for you here too - aren't I nice?

Feel free to submit any other bits and pieces you've enjoyed in the comments below.

I'll try to make this a weekly feature, so keep an eye out!

Fix HR

A Meetings Manifesto - Medium

When everyone knows how much everyone else is being paid - The Atlantic

The US needs paid maternity leave, for the sake of its future - TED Talks

Older women are being forced out of the workforce - HBR

Your People

Seven steps to avoid a redundancy headache - BusinessZone

Why organisations should embrace healthy rebellion - The Leadership Advisor

The myth of A-Players - Talentism

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Video has never been so important for internal comms - Headlines

Four trends driving the future of recruitment - Mervyn Dinnen

For companies like Buffer and Zingerman's, is transparency good for business? - Inc

Five minute break...

Here's one of my favourite episodes of 99% Invisible, a great podcast about design, objects, history & architecture.

This episode is about micro nations, particularly the excellent story of one very close to UK shores - The Principality of Sealand. Nothing to do with work or HR, but interesting nevertheless, and it gives you some handy trivia to talk about in the office kitchen!

From the sea, freedom - 99% Invisible

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