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A sign off from your Deputy Editor

23rd Feb 2017
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I'm sad to say that this is my last week as Deputy Editor on HRZone and TrainingZone, as I've taken the difficult decision to move on to a new adventure.

It's been a great 2 years working across the sites - seeing us relaunch with a new look, try out new content formats and talk to you all daily on our social channels, Discuss forums and comment sections. I'm excited to see how the sites will continue to experiment with content, and how you'll all contribute and respond. 

Personal highlights:

  • Having some great conversions in our Twitter chats
  • Meeting many of you at various conferences and awards (especially when they've been in places like Paris!)
  • Starting up the 'Day in the life of' series - I've loved reading every submission so far!
  • Lots of talk/debate about biscuits and cake with the team and our readers
  • Seeing Jamie eat his own bodyweight at any buffet he gets access to (how does he stay so svelte?)

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Anyway, I've had a blast - I'll miss the team & sites terribly, but I'll be lurking about on Twitter and LinkedIn so that I'm not too far out of the loop. Thanks for making it such a fun community to work with!


PS. Just to settle the argument once and for all - Hobnobs are the only biscuit worth having in a meeting. End of.

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Image of Jasmine Gartner
By Jasmine Gartner
23rd Feb 2017 16:39

Hi Shonette,

Well, you'll be missed! But we'll chat on Twitter :-)

Jasmine x

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Replying to JasmineGartner:
Shonette new
By Shonette
23rd Feb 2017 17:00

Thanks Jasmine - sure I'll see you for many more Twitter chats too :)

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