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How to boost HR performance with digital marketing

14th Oct 2020
Digital Marketing Consultant Shane Barker Consulting
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For a long time, the human resources (HR) department was a support function. They delivered employee services and helped the company keep costs down.

However, things have changed, and as the digital transformation sweeps other departments, HR is also at the forefront.

Now, most executives expect HR teams to spearhead digital transformations in their companies.


They are more human-oriented and can change people's mindsets by creating a culture of digital marketing. HR is, therefore, crucial for any company that wants to enable digital transformation.

But how can the HR department use digital marketing to improve performance?

Let's find out below.

1. Recruit top talent with a strong brand

Many businesses such as yours need qualified candidates, which means job seekers can afford to be picky.

And how can your business ensure they pick you?

Have an HR department that is smart about how they attract, recruit, and retain candidates of professional resumes and expert industry experience.

In short, they have to work on your company's employer branding.

And what does that entail?

Building a brand that candidates consider an “employer of choice” and that employees recommend to friends. Your company should have a reputation as the best place to work.

And how does digital marketing help with this?

Digital marketing helps you:

Create a search engine optimised and user-friendly website

With an optimised website, candidates can have excellent user experiences and find the information they need fast.

How is this?

The HR department will have worked with the content and tech team to ensure the site seems trustworthy. This also means removing annoying ads and using convincing calls-to-action.

What's more?

They need to use the website to communicate the company culture through the “About Us,” “Meet Our Team,” “Our Mission,” etc. sections. Including these sections or recruiting tips emphasize your brand values and core deliverables.

Inbound recruiting

You leverage the inbound marketing methodology to build lasting relationships with target candidates. The HR department inspires them to become loyal visitors to your site and brand ambassadors.

How does this work?

You need to nurture your candidates and deliver a stellar experience to them throughout their interactions with your brand. 

To ensure that the HR team is able to get in touch with the candidates at the right time with professional email outreach and follow up template can be used.

But for this to work, you need to collect their emails. 

To do this, create content that attracts job seekers to your site, and collect their emails with opt-in forms or landing pages. Segment them depending on various categories, then use email content to nurture and convert them into candidates.

Finally, once a candidate joins your organisation, turn them into brand ambassadors. They can publish reviews, offer testimonials, or join your employee referral program.

Want to know the best part?

With the right nurturing skills, you can turn even prospective candidates into brand ambassadors.


If you offer them great experiences, they are likely to recommend your job offers to friends.

2. Improve candidate and employee experience

Seventy-two per cent of job seekers who had a poor candidate experience shared it with their friends on social networks and employer review sites. 83% changed their minds about a role after a negative experience.

How can digital marketing help you improve a candidate's experience?

  • Leverage content marketing tools to create easy-to-understand and helpful content for applicants.
  • Clearly outline job descriptions while emphasising your brand’s values and culture.
  • Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots to offer candidates timely feedback and help them understand the role better.

AI chatbots can also provide answers to frequently asked questions, qualify candidates, and schedule meetings. They can help the HR team save time, offer personalised experiences to candidates, and keep them engaged.  

I bet you are probably wondering:

How will digital marketing help current employees?

Well, incorporating cloud solutions can enable your company to offer employees mobile working solutions. The HR team can then manage these remote employees and roll out applications and initiatives with ease.

Another solution is to incorporate analytics to help analyse employee needs, identify skill gaps, and improve your reward systems.

But that's not all in terms of digital marketing in HR opportunities for current employees.

Leveraging digital tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, live chat, webinars, podcasts, email, etc. can help you:

  • Get regular real-time feedback
  • Personalise the employee experience
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Assess employees based on performance and reimburse employees
  • Mentor and train employees
  • Engage employees
  • Find talent and expertise among employees

3. Refine the hiring process

Digital marketing offers numerous opportunities to showcase the company in front of a specific group of candidates.

For example;

Your HR team can use it to boost engagement on your social accounts by running campaigns that help build strong relationships with candidates.

But why do you need an engaged audience?

Well, an engaged audience likes, trusts, knows, and recommends your brand. They can help drive conversions in terms of the qualified applications you get.

But what channels should you use for recruiting?

Your first choice should be LinkedIn, the largest network for professionals.

LinkedIn allows you to display your job offers to only those with specific skills. It has advanced filtering and search options to help you find the best candidates.

However, you can also leverage other platforms like Facebook to boost your posts and narrow down viewership to ideal candidates.


While doing so gets you limited resumes, those submitted will be more aligned to what you need in a candidate, thus saving time. It also improves the efficiency of the interviewing and hiring process.

Another way to improve your hiring process is to leverage mobile recruiting. This way, you can reach a high number of job seekers conducting their searches on mobile phones.

And how can you do so?

  • Ensure your website loads fast on mobile.
  • Make it easy for candidates to navigate pages and upload documents.
  • Make your calls-to-action and links easy to tap.
  • Ensure forms are easy to fill out.
  • Ensure content fits the screen and loads quickly.
  • Offer candidates one-click applications.

But are those the only ways digital marketing improves the hiring process?


Other ways you can leverage it include:

  • Using job search sites
  • Promoting time-sensitive jobs with pay-per-click
  • Optimising your online content for search
  • Creating and promoting social media recruitment events
  • Creating or using mobile job apps
  • Incorporating AI into your hiring processes
  • Leveraging social listening tools to monitor review sites
  • Using analytic tools to track recruitment campaign performance
  • Integrating your website into Google so that it displays related job openings for candidates

Are you ready to integrate digital marketing into your HR department?

With digital marketing, you get access to a vast pool of quality applicants. It saves your team time, as they can find potential candidates faster and nurture them to become loyal ambassadors.

Even better, digital marketing helps you gather data on current employees, manage remote teams, effectively manage performance, and so much more.

Are you ready to make the smart move to digital marketing in HR? Kindly tell us your thoughts on digital marketing and HR in the comments section.

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