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Three reasons why dental health benefits are a rising priority for UK employers

13th Nov 2015
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Over the past year I’ve been talking with cash plan providers, insurers and employers across the UK about healthcare benefits. They all want to discuss dental benefits, which is a clear signal that what was once a niche area in the UK, is now seeing a surge in interest.

Looking at healthcare trends in the UK it is clear that several distinct forces are behind this growing focus on dental health.

First is the broad issue of access to dental care for employees. The NHS plays a critical role in providing frontline care but increasingly, not every individual can get on an NHS list. What this means is more people are considering private dental care.

The second driver is the trend for individuals to plump for private healthcare in order to get the care they want: whether this is an everyday treatment where they want more than the basic care offered by the NHS or for major dental work.

Last of all is the growth in demand for cosmetic dental care – something which falls out of the core NHS provision but is increasingly important to individuals who want to invest in having a healthy smile.

Of course, turning to private dental healthcare comes at a cost – one which rises when you factor in the needs of children and the rest of the family. That means that for the many low-paid workers in the UK and those who are more comfortably off, dental care is another growing expense in the household budget and getting a helping hand with the cost of dental healthcare is an increasing priority.

What this means is that employers need to think hard about how to help employees and to do more to support their dental health.

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