CEO & Co-Founder Meritocracy
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Virtual Reality Enhancing the Recruitment Experience

19th Jul 2016
CEO & Co-Founder Meritocracy
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There have been exceptional strides made in the development of virtual and augmented reality in recent years.

These developments have come to a head with the exciting introduction of  introduction of Samsung’s VR Gear traditionally used for gaming.

The idea that you can be fully immersed in a virtual 3D world is an exciting prospect for many and Samsung is making this  capability a reality for everyone. So much so that The number of active virtual reality users is forecast to reach 171 million by 2018, according to research by Statista, and the VR market is set to grow exponentially in the following years.

The quantum leap in technology which has seen investment from big brands like Samsung and high profile businesspeople like Mark Zuckerberg means that VR is now being taken seriously as seriously as it should.

Traditionally seen as a gaming tool industries are now realising that the possibilities for this totally immersive experience are truly endless. More than just a gaming tool VR is now seen as having a place in media, medicine, education and now recruitment.

Statistics suggest that job seekers that have more insight into the role which they are applying for are more likely to stick around. According to a survey published on behalf of Glassdoor, 67% of employers believe retention rates would be higher if candidates had a clearer picture of what to expect about working at the company before taking the job.

Providing a comprehensive insight into a company before interviewing is the first step to nurturing a loyal workforce. The recruitment process in 2016 is increasingly dependent on tapping into the vision held by both candidates and businesses and there is an urgent need to effectively communicate workplace values.

In order for recruitment to be as effective as possible, businesses need to bridge the current information gap that exists between them and potential candidates so that time and money is not wasted on recruiting the wrong candidates to the wrong company, and likewise so that candidates stand a better chance of selecting the right environments for them.

With this at the forefront of their business ethos, Meritocracy - the recruitment platform  - has partnered with Samsung Italia to beta test a new VR capability that will go one step further to providing a transparent and deeply engaging experience of any given company. The new VR capability will allow companies to use engaging new tools, such as 360° video, for a truly in depth experience.

This functionality enables organisations to effectively communicate in detail what it is like to work inside a company, what the workplace environment is like, and its overall vision and ethos to attract the best fitting talent to its team. VR takes one more step towards enhancing this experience, empowering candidates through real-life insight into businesses and brands.

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