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Mobile technology reshaping the HR industry

28th Jul 2017
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Disruptive innovations are creating new business models, extinguishing the older ones. As a result, social networks, new technologies & data analytics are having an enormous impact on how people connect, collaborate and work. In today’s world, competition among enterprises is much like a war for recruiting the best talent. Due to which the HR department get affected on the direct basis.

Now, the digital revolutions cannot be ignored at any rate. To be more specific, Smartphone revolutions/ Mobile technology is something that has changed the whole story in one go. Several researches reveal that the HR technology industry received more than $2 billion in investment capital in the year 2015 fueling a growing system of tools for recruitment, performance management, and wellness.

Mobile use for HR Needs

It should come as a no surprise, how many of us are addicted to smartphones. And employees appreciate mobile access as much as customers. A recent study showed that around 37% of mobile users rely on their smartphones to access pay information through the HR app.

The wave of technological transformation impacts the organization in a couple of ways-

First, it would offer numerous tools to better manage and engage the talent in organizations.

Second, it helps HR managers to shift their focus from managing a workforce to driving profits to the company.

Technological Trends that Redefine Human Resource Management

Big Data

The two key underlying aspects for every function or task are ensuring compliance and avoiding risk. After all these years, technology has transformed the monotony through HR platform. One such technological trend is Big Data, it allows HR professionals to reach out to the target audience groups and communicate well with prospective customers.

Moreover, Big data when integrated with other technologies can provide a deep insight and allows professionals to make decisions like never before. It also gives a fact-based view of the current workforce and helps them to identify emerging trends.

Mobile apps

Smartphones have already started dominating the HR landscape in 2017. Workforce across various operations have started accessing applications via mobile devices. As a result, organizations have started considering HR applications with mobilization process and the interface, employees are looking for. The trend of creating apps by a standard android app development company successfully streamlines the basic HR functionalities.

Social Media

Social media is a pretty much-emerging platform, especially in the HR industry. A quarter of employees are recruited through social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn. Apart from this, social media platforms are even used for employee engagement. Today, enterprises make optimum use to reach target audiences with job postings and other company related information. Moreover, they even use to share organization’s success story through photos, blog posts, Tumblr and Pinterest pages.

Countless benefits are offered by social media platforms to HR professionals. It even enables them to keep up with the news, technology and trends. Thus, one can nurture relationships by sharing knowledge and bolster communications within the workspace. The future trend says companies will consider integrating applications with LinkedIn or Facebook instead of developing corporate applications in the future.


Whether it’s a web app or a native app, SaaS plays a key role in every sector including the HR department. Cloud-based applications are pretty inevitable as collection and data storage has been so difficult until the evolution of cloud. With the advent of cloud technologies, all the information such as documents and other pertinent info is easily accessible online.

Previously, it was required to understand whether the technology fits well for your current requirement or it can add a real value to your business. By centralizing the data, the workflow and operations can be streamlined ranging from product development to workforce management, business integration, etc.

Wearable Technology

Tech Giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft have started introducing wearable technology in all devices. These products can make your employees stay connected and improve time management. In fact, these technologies provide a wealth of opportunities for employee engagement, including increased productivity, benefit incentives, and security.

By using Mobile HR Apps, one can:

  • View payroll statements
  • Clock in and out
  • Send messages if they are running late or going to be absent
  • Request time off
  • Track their daily schedules
  • Review benefits, saving accounts, spending accounts
  • Create and revise timesheets

SaaS applications that help the HR department:

  • LinkedIn Recruiting Service: LinkedIn popularly termed as a professional network helps in recruiting departments by providing all the required resources and find appropriate candidates with relevant profiles.
  • Lucidchart: The SaaS application allows users to draw flowcharts and diagrams. Moreover, it is mainly used to create organizational chart and mind-mapping.
  • Google Docs: Google Docs allows one to share information quickly and easily across businesses. The application helps to streamline the process and make data collection much easier.
  • Google Forms: It allows HR department to send every employee a question and response form. Once the employees submit their responses, the result automatically gets saved in Google Doc template.

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