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HR Pros Are Finding Ways to Profit From A.I.

25th Aug 2017
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Though the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the latest tech catch phrase to hit the scene, the topic is not something to be taken lightly. At present, 1.8 people in the United States are using Amazon's Alexa to unlock their cars, turn on lights and appliances in their home, and even keep track of the latest stock quotes. This number will only continue. As of 2016, Alexa has acquired over 3,000 skill sets, and this number is expected to rise as more consumers use the program.

Artificial Intelligence technology has nearly touched every aspect of the work place, and those who haven't adopted AI yet are actually far behind the game. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are no longer futuristic predictions, but a force that must be faced in reality.


AI Is Helping With the Hiring Process

There are only a few software vendors who are offering algorithms as a part of their task automation tools used to find potential candidates, examining their resumes, and sending out follow up emails to potential new hires.

One such company is Beamery, a candidate relationship management software. It uses Machine Learning technology to build relationships with potential candidates by searching across the vast social media channels to find and put together valuable information, while it fills in the blanks in candidates' profiles.


Chatbots Are Helping AI Respond Quicker

Mya is yet another example of how AI is assisting HR to keep in better contact with potential talent, while it streamlines the hiring process, saving companies time and money in the process. It sits on the front end, allowing applicants to communicate via its native environment or a popular messaging application like Facebook Messenger.

Applicants no longer have to wait for a recruiter. Instead, they get immediate feedback concerning their applications. Using Natural Language Processing, Mya examines candidates' data and fills the gaps by posing questions that are relevant to the applicant's' position.

On the flip side, applicants can ask Mya questions, such as about the company's hiring process and culture. If Mya cannot answer the query, the program will ask human recruiters. As it is doing all of this, it is learning and adapting to the conditions.


Artificial Intelligence Is Handling Payroll

One of the biggest headaches of any organization is tracking, calculating, and issuing payroll to employees. Today, HR departments are relieving themselves of this workload by employing AI to handle the boring stuff, especially payroll activities.

Brian Radin states that “payroll contains perhaps the greatest amount of administrative activity of any human resource process, with every pay cycle demanding accuracy, timeliness, and well-planned coordination across multiple organizational entities. The demands come from both inside and outside the business.”

Organizations have many things on their plate. From seeking the best internet service providers for their company to choosing whether or not to adopt mobile applications for their customers, it’s more difficult than ever to know which choice is the best choice.

How it has stood for decades, HR's function as a human resource management team (and sometimes much more) has placed in a position of great organizational accountability for an organization's primary performance. By taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence, HR is able to relieve some of that stress and focus more on those things the need special human care.

Human Resources needs to understand their workforce more than ever in this day and age. AI not only has the capability to assist it in doing tedious tasks, but Machine Learning can go as far as deal directly with the human element. This is a promising time for HR departments.

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