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Good Training Is Key To Lone Worker Safety

14th Mar 2017
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Lone worker safety is a cultural challenge, but the right training can help ensure safety solutions are embraced. Sometimes encouraging buy-in can be as simple as ensuring staff know how or when to use their personal safety devices.

Often the challenges run deeper and staff will resist change. Therefore it's imperative that managers and employees understand why they need to use the lone worker alarm they have been issued with. Without that knowledge, the safety of your lone workers could be at risk!

A truly safe workforce requires employees to display safe behaviours as habit, which requires confidence and motivation. Training together as a team also allows employees to share experiences and strengthen their relationships.

So, What Separates Good Training From Bad?

Real-life scenarios provide context and reinforce the relevance of your training. Employees should be using their personal safety devices because they understand the benefits - not because they're following orders. Conflict management training is important too and should include best practice for non-violent resolution and diffusion techniques.

Buy-In At All Levels

Of course, it’s not just frontline staff who need training; managers need educating too. Team members look to their managers for guidance and support, so giving them the tools to lead by example from the start is crucial

Your training provider should want to understand your training requirements and set learning objectives with you. They should also understand your duty of care as an employer and the legal responsibilities around employee safety.

Whether it’s a two-hour personal safety session or an immersive two-day workshop on conflict management, choose your provider wisely. The result of good training is staff that display safe behaviours on a daily basis – and isn’t that the best return on investment of all?


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