Why Google is good at HR

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There are a multitude of ways to call the hiring component of a human resources team. Netflix has a Chief of Talent while Google boasts what it calls, somewhat ominously, “People Operations.” Google’s approach to HR and People Operations is arguably just as advanced as much of its technology. With new initiatives and programs, Google is not afraid to lead the way in creating a modern HR policy that helps both retain employees and recruit new talent.

Here are three ways Google is great at HR:

Never compromise on a hiring bar

Jonathan Rosenberg, former Google product head, explained to the Harvard Business Review, that it is a policy within Google to never compromise on job requirements. Google is searching for the brightest and most qualified candidates in tech and data and simply will not compromise on the quality of a candidate.

In order to avoid HR managers feeling pressured to fill a position, Google has taken the decision from one single HR member to an entire committee of people. That way, the focus remains on talent and skills that a particular candidate will bring to the position, and not on external pressure to fill a position quickly.

Meticulous Job Descriptions

Google’s re:Work is an invaluable online resource that details much of what Google has learned about human resources in the past 17 years. Among the suggestions and rubrics to be found on the site, is a section stressing the importance of the job description.

Too often human resources is in a rush to find or fill a position due to an employee leaving, and can make rash or uncareful decisions regarding the job description in question. In order to avoid this, Google advises thinking seriously and writing with great care the following: area, role, responsibilities, job qualifications, minimum qualifications and preferred qualifications.

The idea is this: an HR team that spends time considering an open position and carefully assess the current team and what qualities are needed to make that team more complete, is more likely to more fully understand the position. This clarity leads to candidate searches that are more exact, swift, and specific in nature.

Understand employee satisfaction

Nearly ten years ago, Google was struggling with retaining women employees. Unlike other fields, high-level tech employees are difficult to find and Google experiences tough competition between giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and startups. Driven by a desire to retain these qualified female employees that were leaving, Google looked inward to find the problem.

It turns out it was a more specific problem: new mothers working at Google did not feel they had to resources or support they needed to be successful both at work and in their families. As a result, Google implemented a new ingenious and comprising maternity plan. Mothers are given 5 months off with full pay and benefits and are allowed to split that time up however they would like. Google successfully looked at its practices and policies with a critical eye and took great steps towards employees to ensure their happiness and retention.

Google’s People Operations has a commitment and enthusiasm for its employees that other companies can only aspire to. In addition to meticulous hiring practices or willingness to adjust company policy, Google’s People Operations has also implemented some pretty stellar practices from gourmet cafeterias to commuting shuttles to onsite doctors. And to top things off? Rumor has it that Google’s CEO still reviews every outgoing offer.

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