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Things HR Manager Concerned with Remote Workforce

20th Feb 2018
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5 Things HR Manager Must Concerned About While Working With Remote Workforce

Thanks to the liberal rules and technology, today more and more companies are opting for remote employee workforce. The trends in the service industry widely indicate that by the next decade, over 60% of any business’s manpower would be remotely located. There are many online resources that support this eco-system. Moreover, the work from home culture helps the HR Managers easily offer job satisfaction to their employees and return get committed services as a gratitude.

As reported by The Guardian, British employees are more productive when they are working from home, similarly 38% of employees claim that they feel creative when out of office premises and for 90% flexible working makes them feel really comfortable and committee.

However, before you decide to offer work from home opportunity to your employee, or connect with a remote workforce, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

1. Policy:

There should be one common, easy to understand descriptive and fair policy that must be enforced on all remote employees, irrespective of their distance and frequency of work. Every employee must understand the acceptable and unacceptable aspect of remote working and have knowledge about ethical processes to follow.

Drafting such a policy is tough because the each remotely employed worker has its own justification for work. Thus, the HR Manager has to make sure that the policy has some common holistic guidelines and the same must be communicated by each manager to their respective subordinate, individually.

2. Communication:

Thanks to internet, it is way easier to communicate with your remote employees. Also, the common use of internet eliminates the need of communication training as most of the employees are already equipped with use of internet gadgets and technology. This not only offers a jumpstart to the business relationship but also cut down the cost of training and induction. You may also rely on faxes, telephone or emails but they are considered a rather slow method of communication these days.

3. Collaboration:

Collaborating the team is important when each member is located at a different geographical location. Fortunately, there are several software that allow easy collaboration by facilitating desktop share and file share technologies. They make discussing ideas and concerns easier.

4. Security:

When you use internet to share sensitive business information, security must be your first priority. Using ExpressVPN, nordvpn, IPVanish is a feasible way to ensure that the data exchanged is safe and protected. A reputed VPN provider can offer you detailed security information upon request. You can clear your doubts and in case there is some confusion, you can ask for further clarification.

5. Counseling:

Any employee working outside of the office must feel safe and as a part of the team. If you expect productivity from the remote employee, it is important to keep him connected. A proper induction to the remote working policy and its ethical practices is recommended. Also, identifying and offering the types of tools required for the job is a primary duty of the HR Manager.

A remote working relationship works only when both employee and the employer have an open mindset and feel connected. Both must be comfortable in their roles and feel obligated to work as a team.

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By oliver.grant
20th Feb 2018 14:44

Collaboration and security I find most important in this list since it is as hard to keep your team on hand and keep things secure while working with very sensitive data. I am a fan of nordvpn for years as you mentioned it, I always support it if someone asks, I found this table of comparison very helpful when discussing this topic, so everyone could see what kind of features others have

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By luisaalok
21st Feb 2018 17:43

Good thoughts but how to measure effort or productivity of the remote worker?

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By MalvinaCaetlin
07th Jun 2018 12:58

Hey, Thanks so much for the information. Trello is good tool for collaboration and it helps keep things easy to track. I personally use NordVPN and have tried expressvpn but it was very expensive. Source

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