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HR Guide: How to Hire a Social Media Professional

22nd Feb 2018
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Social media marketing has taken a toll on all other forms of marketing. In today’s time where everyone irrespective of their age is using social media, it has become really convenient for companies to reach out to the public. But, making your brand recognized at such platform where there are scores of companies, already promoting their products and services, Is really difficult. Here the need for hiring social media professional has become inevitable.

Social media professional is a person who will be solely looking for your marketing activities on social media.

Being such an important platform for promoting your brand, you need to be very careful while choosing a professional for this job. Even Human Resource people across the world are figuring out the best ways to hire such people as this is comparatively a new concept and requires lots of creativity and skills to make your product reachable to customers.

Through this article, we have tried to be a little help to you. Here are some key points and considerations that an HR keeps in mind while choosing a social media professional.

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  • Do not make generalized assumptions:  Hiring a youngster for a job because he grew at that time when social media was growing is wrong. Familiarity with social media doesn’t make him eligible for the job.  Familiarity is not everything you need for this job. You need creative, technical mindset who knows how to connect with people. Here we are not saying not to hire a youngster, but we suggest you not to make generalized assumptions. Successful HR’s don’t do that.
  • Versatile and adaptive: HR looks for someone who is versatile and adaptive in every situation. For this position, they need a chameleon in their office, who can fit in every situation and can work accordingly. Having amazing interpersonal skills is yet another quality that HR managers look for. These social media professionals are going to be the face of your brand through social media, they must have that one quality to connect with everyone around them.
  • Thick skinned person: Social media is a platform where you get instant recognition but with positivity comes lots of negativity as well. If you are accepting good reviews be prepared for trolls as well. There are people who will criticize you no matter how good you are at your work. That is why HR professionals look for someone who is thick skinned and doesn't get affected by emotions. They look for someone who knows how to handle such criticism and in turn how to use the same for your company’s benefit.
  • HR professional looks for someone for whom social media is not only about posting pictures and getting connected with friends. They hire such people who see a bigger picture of a platform like Facebook. Using Facebook for advertising and marketing your brand is no fun, in fact it is a very responsible job as it can make or break the brand.

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Offering in-house Social media jobs are an incredible way to hire experts and make them work under supervision. The rising impact of various social media platforms is an effective way to expand your customer reach, advertise, promote and sell. Hope these considerations will help you hire the best social media workforce.

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