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A New Term for HR : Employee Internet Management

20th Nov 2017
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World Wide Web is now an imperative tool for every organization. It caters to a variety of employee needs including access to information, communication (external and internal) and more. It is one productivity-boosting tool that has a fair number of outcomes to show under its name.

While there are a number of reasons an employee must have internet access to communicate, research or do business, it also acts as a huge distraction tool with its own innocent and offensive effects. The rising internet abuse has fostered a loss of productive time as well as the reason to form more stringent internet usage policy.

Now, internet usage is not limited to the purview of the Information Technology department but more widely spread to engage the attention of the Human Resource department. As the issue encroaches, the human resource department has to come up with more intense, proactive and educated approach towards managing employee internet usage behavior in the workplace.

An ultimate solution to this complex situation is “Employee Internet Management”. Earlier a tool to restrict sites like pornographic, the employee internet management tool has evolved to become a more adaptive and flexible internet managing tool for organization. Human Resource department plays an important role in successful implementation of EIM software. Here are some of the benefits that you can reap from EIM Software:

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Cyber Slacking:

Besides streamlining the work process internet is a gateway to distracting platforms. An employee can use various sites like entertainment, gaming, sports and more which are impossible to resist. Here is some data that indicates the complexity of the situation:

  • An IDC work indicates that 30-40 percent of employee internet usage is non-work related.
  • The loss of productivity because of internet usage is computed around $63 billion annually by Websense INC.
  • A statement by Charles Schwab states that over 72 percent of its customers are willing to invest in mutual funds and 92% of them are willing to do so during work hours.

Another major concern is the rapid increase in the services available online. Most of the employees do not have a high-speed internet connection at home and thus they use their office internet access to stream videos, songs, and other applications. The free VPNs can be unreliable connections at the workplace offer greater speed that makes it simple to do a lot of things which aren’t accessible otherwise. It is an alarming situation for HR as the employees will now spend a lot of time streaming, downloading and viewing the content which will result in ultimate loss of productivity.

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Strategizing The Move:

No doubt the HR departments have worked hard to frame best internet usage policies for an organization but this isn’t enough in keeping the employees off from consuming internet. Besides setting the rule, the HR department has to look forward to successful implementation as well as maintenance. The needs to access the internet vary from important to luxury.

An employee not only surfs the internet to watch [***] or play games but also for many important days to day tasks that he is not able to do because of spending more than half of his productive day in the office.  Thus, having rules that cater to the employee’s need are a must.

If one chooses traditional IP blocking software the employee is smart enough to get a crack. However, the EIM Software allows the Human Resource department in striking a balance between the employee’s need for internet access and productivity. It offers conventional internet filtering, but with adaptability and customization. It caters to the needs of the employees as well as the organization.          

Employee Internet Management is a useful resource for monitoring employee internet engagement and make necessary frameworks to limit it in a holistic manner. With a great scope in future, EIM must be adopted by every organization to effectively manage internet use and productivity.


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By EllieAvram
19th Jun 2018 19:23

We have all our employees use openvpn which is a free open source vpn to protect our companies confidential data and its true many free vpns are unreliable and cannot be trusted with company data being transferred through them as many of them log the user connection details. Presently our corporation is using for our employees who are working from home

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