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4 Things Prepare For Digital Transformation

31st Aug 2018
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Every major company is suffering from one common problem- helping employees to accept digitalization. While digital business era has started years ago, employees are finding it still difficult to maintain their pace with new evolutions in the digital world.

These employees are primarily the seniors at any organizations who have had spent a major time of their career using traditional methodologies. Because this cream layer of employees is also loaded with years of experience companies cannot considering laying off such valuable asset?

However, their inability to adapt to the digital reform also hampers the overall working of an organization and hence the growth.

To successfully implement a new idea, a company has to make sure that its employees are at the same level of understanding and competencies. Hence, it is important to make sure your workforce is good with changing digital environment at the organization.

Dig from the top:

As aforesaid, it is usually the topmost level of employee chart that may pose as a considerable problem. However, this does not mean that the lower levels are any different. The fear of change affects each level of hierarchy in a similar way.

However, experts recommend that it is crucial to start bringing the change from the top-most level. Form a leadership development program and introduce the new technology there. Make sure that the employees understand why they are the first one to know about the changes being brought to an organization.

Develop a two-way induction program:

While best organizations already have this implemented, it is important to have a two-way induction program in every organization. You must try to make your employees understand about the technology in a simpler way.

Breakdown the terms that define the technology and let your employees get the description in a layman language. Also, welcome any and every query that arises from the employees. They may ask silly questions but ensure you leave no question unattended.

Help the try:

An easy way to work on hostility is allowing individual to spend time with the particular thing they are hostile with. If your employees are hostile or hesitant towards the new software or maybe the ERP system, let them use it for a while.

You can anytime ask the vendor to install the trial version, wherein your employees can make changes without any concerns about making mistakes. This will help them improve their knowledge and understanding about any technology.

Try and bring in technologies that are agile.

Reputed HR Company can help you training and development of your employees, however, you need to make sure that the technology you are introducing shows agility. The technology must be flexible, show scalability and scope of upgrades in case of advancements in the market.

This way you will not have to worry about introducing a new technology every time the market scenario changes. Moreover, you can save money, efforts, and manpower by doing so.

Keeping pace with the digitally evolving world is important. However, it Is more important that you evolve as an organization. Your employees are an important asset to your business and ensuring that they evolve with you is critical.

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