Tips for helping your team handle multiple clients

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Digital marketing has become essential for every business that wants to attract and retain customers, as well as deliver their message in the online world. Marketing has evolved over the years and good marketing services are highly sought after these days. That's why marketers tend to get overwhelmed with numerous tasks, assignments and even managing multiple clients at once.

The main difficulties with managing more than one client are usually unrealistic expectations and bad communication or complete absence of it. However, marketers have learned to stay on top of their game and overcome these difficulties, while still delivering brilliant strategies and marketing campaigns. All that's required is an effective team, careful planning and good organization. Here are a few tips for helping your team handle multiple clients.  

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Develop a plan

Planning ahead is vital for an effective workflow and completing tasks on time. When you have multiple clients on your hands, it becomes difficult to plan everything out. Still, it's not impossible to accomplish this if you put some time and effort into it. First, identify what your clients need, when do they need it completed and what resources you have available to complete everything. Make sure you leave room in your plan for unforeseen predicaments, such as clients changing their minds or suggesting last-minute modifications.

This will give you a rough idea about the size and the scope of the projects and approximate time needed for their completion. Next, identify how many people you'll need to effectively work on the project and assemble your team to start brainstorming ideas. That way, you and your team will come up with the best solution on how to manage all projects and successfully complete them on time.

Assign roles and responsibilities

The key to effective collaboration and productivity is knowing your team's strengths and weaknesses. That way, you can assign specific roles to individuals, knowing that they're effectively handling their responsibilities. It's always a good idea to create personas for each client, which will give you insight into the client's target audience, the number of customers a client has and what type of content will work best.

That way you'll know how to approach a specific project. For instance, you'll know which type of content to go for, and what channels are best used to reach their audience and how to design content for those channels. This will help you assign the right people to their corresponding tasks and prioritize those tasks based on urgency and importance.

Set clear deadlines

Timeframes needed to complete a project are important to both marketers and clients. Clients may sometimes have unrealistic expectations and demands about timeframes, but you must also be realistic when estimating how much time you need to complete them. Moreover, you need to set clear deadlines so that your team members know how much time they have to complete specific tasks.

That way, they can collaborate and share information in order to complete everything on time. In most cases, clients will require you to update them about the progress of the project regularly. Having multiple clients can make this task quite difficult, as they all require accurate reports. You can use a digital marketing dashboard to keep all of your clients in one place. That will help you collect data from each completed task and create reports to send out to your clients.

Set up workflows for content creation

One of the best ways you can motivate your team and improve their productivity is to help them do their job efficiently and without hindrances. Creating content workflows will help you out with this immensely. These workflows help your team understand their respective roles, resources they have available and timeframes in which tasks must be completed. For instance, content writers create an article based on client's preferences by using templates made from client personas.

At the same time, designers are creating visual content that will complement the article, while content strategists are planning how to best promote that article. That way, every team member knows what they need to do and more tasks are being completed faster, which improves the overall progress of the project. However, it's up to you as a project manager to oversee the workflow and ensure that collaboration between team members is on track.

High-quality digital marketing is in high demand in the online business world. However, handling multiple clients is no walk in the park, even for seasoned marketers. Nevertheless, it's important for marketers to utilize good organization skills, in order to meet their clients’ expectations and remain competitive in the high-demand market.

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